We sell NOS parts for the 1970s Indian dirt bikes. Here is a list of possible Indian dirt bikes (motorcycle, dirtbike, minibike, mini) that you may have.
Parts included in our inventory fit Jawa Boy Racer, Bobcat, Pony, Papoose, Super Scrambler, MM-5A, B, C, JC-5A, B, C, X50, X50R, JC54A, B, C, X54, SE-54
Enduro, SS-54, SE-74 Enduro, SE-76 Enduro, ME-74, ME-76, MX-74, MX-76, X80R, Motocross-100, ME-100, 125, 175, ML-100, 125, 175, MT-100, 125,
175, MS-100, 125, 175, MI-100, 125, 175, SS-125. Indian powered their machines with Motori Morini Franco, Motori Minarelli, Fuji 100, and Jawa engines.
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Indian Line-Ups
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1969 Indian Line-Up
1969 Indian Ponybike
1969 Indian Ponybike
1969 Indian Ponybike
1969 Indian Papoose
1969 Indian Ponybike
1969 Indian Ponybike and Papoose
1969 Indian Boy Racer
1969 Indian Super Scrambler
1969 Indian "100" Scrambler
1970 Indian Line-Up
1971 Indian Line-Up
1971 Indian Bobcat
1971 Indian Bobcat
1971 Indian Bobcat
1971 Indian Motocross 100
1972 Indian Line-Up
1972 Indian Competition Models Line-Up
1969 Indian Super Scrambler
1972 Indian MM-5A
1972 Indian JC-5A
1972 Indian JC-54
1972 Indian SE-54
1972 Indian SE-74
1972 Indian SE-54
1972 Indian MC-104
1972 Indian Side Car
1972 Indian Side Car
1972 Indian SS-125 MX Model
1972 Indian SS-125 Enduro Model
1972 Indian SS-125 Factory Line-Up
1972 Indian X80
1972 Indian X80
1973 Indian Line-Up
1973 Indian Competition Models Line-Up
1973 Indian Magazine Advertisement
1973 Indian SE-74
Indian MT5A
1974 Indian MM5-A
1974 Indian JC-5A
1974 Indian MX-76/74
1974 Indian MT-100
1974 Indian ME-100
1974 Indian ME-125
1975 Indian Line-Up
1975 Indian Line-Up
1975 Indian ME-74/ME-76
1975 Indian ME-100/ME-125
1975 Indian ME-76
1976 Indian MM5A
1976 Indian M5A
1976 Indian Line-Up
1976 Indian ME-100/ME-125
1978 Indian MS-100 belongs to Edward Brady
***stamped on the fork neck***
Indian Ride from Coney Island
Indian/Italjet manufactured various amusement park
rides. The engines were solid cast. I have two MM5A
rides that I will post pictures of in the near future.
Indian Prototypes
Indian Trials 125
Indian Strada 125
Indian Piranha
Indian MX125
Indian MM5A
Indian SS-125 Enduro
Indian Amusement Park Rides
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