Identifying Your Indian Dirt Bike

How to identify your Indian Dirt Bike:

  • Do you have a Minarelli (Italian) enigine, Morini Franco (Italian), Fuji 100 (Japanese) or a Jawa engine?
  • Can you find the cc stamping on the top back side of your case? This will tell the size (displacement) of your
  • How many gears do you have? Is it an automatic?
  • What sizes are your tires?
  • Does it have a decal specifying the model?
  • Does your bike have lights? Does your bike look like it originally came with lights?
  • Does your bike have # plates?

Answers to these questions will help distinguish your Indian make and model. Refer to pictures on this and Indian line-
up page.
We sell NOS parts for the 1970s Indian dirt bikes. Here is a list of possible Indian dirt bikes
(motorcycle, dirtbike, minibike, mini) that you may have. Parts included in our inventory fit Jawa
Boy Racer, Bobcat, Pony, Papoose, Super Scrambler, MM-5A, B, C, JC-5A, B, C, X50, X50R,
JC54A, B, C, X54, SE-54 Enduro, SS-54, SE-74 Enduro, SE-76 Enduro, ME-74, ME-76, MX-74,
MX-76, X80R, Motocross-100, ME-100, 125, 175, ML-100, 125, 175, MT-100, 125, 175,
MS-100, 125, 175, MI-100, 125, 175, SS-125
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JAWA 50:

  • Boy Racer
  • Ponybike
Morini Franco S5K
Rear Kick - 1st Generation:

  • MM5A  (8" Wheels)
  • M5A (10" Wheels)
Morini Franco S5K
Forward Kick - 2nd Generation:

  • MM5A (8" Wheels)
  • M5A (10' Wheels)
  • MT5A (Trials)
  • JC5A
Motori Minarelli P450:

  • Papoose
  • JC54
  • SE-54
Morini Franco 100:

  • Bobcat
  • Motocross 100
  • Super Scrambler
Motori Minarelli P670 & P675

  • ME-76
  • MX-76
Motori Minarelli 125/5
2nd Generation:

  • ME-125
  • MT-125
  • SS-125
Motori Minarelli 125/5
1st Generation:

  • MX-125 Prototype
Fuji F500K:

  • ME-100
  • MT-100
  • MS-100
  • ML-100
Motori Minarelli 175
"I" Series:

  • MI-175
  • MS-175
  • MT-175
Motori Minarelli 125
"I" Series
4th Generation:

  • ME-125
  • MT-125
Motori Minarelli 125/5
3rd Generation:

  • ME-125
  • MT-125
Motori Minarelli P470 & P475:

  • SE-74
Motori Minarelli P6 80
Compact High Performance Head:

  • X80
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