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Indian Dirt Bike Vintage Photos
Flying Mike Brown racing his Indian MX-76 in 1973
Indian M5A
Tray #20 racing his Indian X50R at Rio Bravo MX Park in Texas 1976-77
1977 NMA Rio Bravo - Tray #20 is the red head
Tray #20 with his first  bike, a 1974 Indian JX-50
Tray #20 racing his Indian X50R in 1976-77
Rio Bravo sign that hung above the finish line in 1982
Tom Paris 3 with the pipe giving Tom Paris 4 a pep talk
at the Indian Dunes Mini Track 1974
Check out Tom Paris 4's face mask, and the wheelie
out of  turn 2 at the Indian Dunes Mini Track on his
Indian M5A!
Showing style on the Indian M5A at the World
Mini GP 1974 at Saddleback where Tom Paris 4
finished 3rd.
Tom Paris 4 racing his Indian M5A at the World Mini GP
at Indian Dunes International Track

This picture was taken at Will Rogers's coliseum in Ft. Worth,
TX. and was one of my first races on the bike, not very fun
considering how slick it was in there....You can tell from the
size of my eyeballs!!! Ha Ha Ha.... The bike was the silver
color with no modifications.
Dan Clark wrote:

This picture was taken at Ross Downs in Colleyville, TX. It
was my first year to do really well racing this bike. It was
still completely stock, other than the yellow paint job.
Dan Clark wrote:

More of the same, taken at Ross Downs in Colleyville, TX. The really neat
thing about this track is that is was pretty much the center of flat track
racing in North Texas during the early 70's. I was fortunate to see top
riders at an early age racing here. Riders like Freddie Spencer and his
brother Danny, Mike Kidd, Terry Poovey and many more...
Dan Clark wrote:

This is another from Ross Downs in 73', This time I am borrowing my friends
bike because my sponsor closed up (a sign of things to come for Indian) and
he was unable to race because in his first race with the big bore piston
installed he crashed into the back straight wall and broke both of his legs. He
was in a body cast from his waist down from that. This bike also had a
custom down sweep pipe on it. The really funny thing about the big bore
piston modification is that it was nearly impossible to get, at least for me
Dan Calrk wrote:

Smiley's" lead was short lived...he faded to 3rd...#96 Dodd
Dyson finished first and #83 Dan Clark finished 2nd... As you
might notice all the front runners are on modified bikes with the
"Big" piston modification and custom down sweep pipes that
were popular in flat track racing at the time...
Dan Clark wrote:

I'm not sure who this rider is...
Dan Clark wrote:

This was taken in 1971, it was a funny picture for me because it was my
first race ever on the bike and I had only ridden it twice before the race,
once at the dealership around in the parking lot, and the last at the practice
track there at Ross Downs right before the race where I had fallen for the
first time.... I got a really fat lip from the fall...I'm #17N, my buddy Randy
Rhodes that loaned me his bike in 73' is rider #X I don't really remember
the other riders though. When I quite racing after the 1973 season I had
won 23 trophies mostly 1st and 2nd place in the 2 years of racing the little
Indian, and in 1973 I placed 2nd in the Mini Championship race in Texas. I
did race one more time in 1974, my parents took me to watch the races just
for fun and it just so happened that a new "Italjet" dealer in the Dallas area
wanted to show how good their bikes were and asked for a volunteer from
the stands to race it!! Well my dad goaded me into doing it... I finished
2nd...and collected my last trophy as a kid. I was not impressed with the
Italjet though, I thought it was a lot slower than the stock Indians that I
raced before.
Dan Clark wrote:

These are the pictures of the sidecar that I had told you about, they were
taken in 1972 at the Devils Bowl Speedway in Mesquite, TX. The color of
the bike was orange. I was asked to ride the bike for a photo shoot of the
bike for my sponsor, Motorcycle Sales of Dallas. All I really remember
about the bike was how slow it was with a passenger in the sidecar, but it
was neat nonetheless.
Michael with Indian MM5A with training wheels and custom paint.
Indian MM5A, Yamaha 125 & Yamaha 360 taken in 1973
Indian Boy Racer
Michael sitting on a 1969 Indian Papoose
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