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Inidian Dirt Bike Parts specializes in NOS parts for the 1970s Indian dirt
bike.  The Indian MM5A and M5A are powered by a 50 cc Franco Morini
engine. Indian models (70 cc, 75 cc, 80 cc, 125 cc and 175 cc) were
powered by a Motori Minarelli engine. Indian ME-100, MT-100 and MS-100
models were powered by a Japanese Fuji 100 engine. The Indian Enduro
was produced for on road/off road use and motocross/mx models for off
road use.
Click to watch an Indian MM5A on the History Channel series "Pawn Stars"
"#1 Source for the Indian Dirt Bike"

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Indian Riding Jacket
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Indian Windbreaker
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Indian Pro Am & Stroker
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Indian Tool Kit
F500K Engine
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Indian Warrior Kits
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