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We sell NOS parts for the 1970s Indian dirt bike. Parts included in our
inventory fit Indian Jawa Boy Racer, Indian Bobcat, Indian Pony Minibike,
Indian Papoose Mini bike, Indian Super Scrambler, Indian MM-5A, B, C -
also known as the Indian Mini Mini, Indian M5-A, Indian JC-5A, B, C, Indian
JX50, Indian X50R, Indian JC54A, B, C, Indian X54, Indian SE-54 Enduro,
Indian SS-54, Indian SE-74 Enduro, Indian SE-76 Enduro, Indian ME-74,
Indian ME-76, Indian MX-74, Indian MX-76, Indian X80R, Indian
Motocross-100, Indian ME-100, Indian ME-125, 175, Indian ML-100, 125,
175, Indian MT-100, 125, 175, Indian MS-100, 125, 175, Indian MI-100,
125, 175, Indian SS-125. Do you need help identifying the model of your
Indian motorcycle? We can help. Not only do we stock parts for these
dirtbikes, but we have almost every model in our collection.

Checkout the Indian Line-up page and the Identifying your Indian page.

We offer:
  • High quality NOS (New Old Stock) Indian Dirt Bike Parts
  • Decals
  • Literature (parts list, manuals, etc.)
Indian Dirtbike Parts (Overview)

Indian Dirtbike Parts began in 2006. After purchasing a 1972
ME-100, we began researching resources for Indian parts. In the
process of doing so, we found an inventory that would transformate
into www.indiandirtbikeparts.com
Our goal:

Our goal is to help bring the Indian Tribe back to life by offering an
opportunity to rebuild that old Indian you had when you were a kid,
found in a barn, or purchased online. Let's make these bikes what
they were in the past. A fun, reliable, competetive dirt bike.
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Inidian Dirt Bike Parts specializes in NOS parts for the 1970s Indian dirt
bike.  The Indian MM5A and M5A are powered by a 50 cc Franco Morini
engine. Indian models (70 cc, 75 cc, 80 cc, 125 cc and 175 cc) were
powered by a Motori Minarelli engine. Indian ME-100, MT-100 and MS-100
models were powered by a Japanese Fuji 100 engine. The Indian Enduro
was produced for on road/off road use and motocross/mx models for off
road use.
"#1 Source for the Indian Dirt Bike"

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Indian motorcycles restored by Rick's Restorations of the History Channel's series "American Restorations". We provided many parts for these bikes.
Provide the occasional part for the television show "Fantom Works" on the Velocity channel.
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